SeniorS SuperStoreS

Save 15% at the SeniorS SuperStoreS

The SeniorS SuperStores (SSSSS) is the source for hundreds of useful and unique gifts for baby boomers to seniors.

Imagine yourself in a traditional department store. But, this one is specialized in that you can find carefully selected products and gifts for senior citizens. In this superstore you will find products for baby boomers to gifts for the elderly, but in a relaxed and comfortable setting. No crowds, traffic hassles or concerns about parking and the weather. And, they feature many products that you cannot find in the traditional department store - all "under one roof."

(SSSSS) has carefully selected all of their merchandise to meet the comfort, health, safety, leisure and lifestyle needs of baby boomers, seniors and the elderly. To take advantage of the 15% discount today:

Go to and enter code: TSCL1559 in the 'Shipping Instructions' block provided on the Checkout Page where you enter your payment information.  Your discount will be applied after your shipment occurs, and you will be notified by email the reduced amount submitted to your credit card to complete the purchase.

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