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Benefit Bulletin: December 2015

Why A Border Wall Won’t Fix Future Social Security’s Immigration Problems Even if Congress were to agree on an immigration plan, walls and deportation alone would not solve Social Security’s immigration problem. That’s because about 40% of the 11.5 million … Continued

White House Says Illegal Immigrants Could Receive Social Security, Medicare

President Obama recently announced a series of Executive Actions to protect an estimated 4.9 million illegal immigrants from deportation. This month the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service is expected to start taking applications as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants … Continued

White House Action On Immigration Expected

President Obama is expected to bypass Congress and make controversial changes to the nation’s immigration system on his own by the end of the year. The time table slipped from last summer when a pushback from outraged voters spurred members … Continued

Immigration Action Planned Behind Closed Doors

By Mary Johnson President Obama announced early last summer that he planned to go around Congressional gridlock and overhaul immigration on his own. Since that time, top administration officials have worked entirely behind closed doors to determine just how far … Continued