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Immigration Action Planned Behind Closed Doors

By Mary Johnson President Obama announced early last summer that he planned to go around Congressional gridlock and overhaul immigration on his own. Since that time, top administration officials have worked entirely behind closed doors to determine just how far … Continued

“Administrative Amnesty” Gives Work Authorized SSNs to Known Illegals

An immigration program launched by the Obama Administration two years ago has issued valid, work-authorized Social Security numbers to about 600,000 applicants who attest to be in the country illegally.  The program, known as “Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals,” is … Continued

Legislative Update: May 2014

Is June The “Sweet Spot” For Immigration Reform? By Jessie Gibbons, Legislative Assistant Last June, lawmakers in the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform package that totaled 1,200 pages and laid out a path to citizenship for more than eleven … Continued

How Social Security Calculates Benefits Based On Illegal Work

President Obama and House leadership are discussing support of a more “limited approach” to immigration reform.  Under discussion is a plan to grant illegal immigrants limited legal status by providing the right to work in the U.S., but not citizenship. … Continued

Immigration Reform Battle Moves Into New Year

Pressure on Congress is ramping up for immigration legislation that provides a “clear path to citizenship” for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants. House GOP Members are reportedly working on several immigration bills, including two that would grant some form … Continued

Amendment Would Save Social Security And Medicare Billions, CBO Says

The Senate’s immigration reform bill would make illegal immigrants wait 13 years to gain citizenship, and access federal benefit programs. But it turns out some may benefit sooner. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the impact of the legislation is … Continued