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The TREA Senior Citizens League News Room is the online resource for reporters to learn more about our work on behalf of seniors. The Senior Citizens League is one of the nation's largest nonpartisan seniors groups. If you require additional assistance or would like to request an interview, please contact us.  PLEASE NOTE:  In order to help as many journalists and seniors as possible, we cannot do live stream interviews.

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Shannon Benton

The Senior Citizens League

Press Briefings

Press Brief 5.15.24 - 2025 COLA Could be 2.6%

Press Brief 4.10.2024 - 2025 COLA Could be 2.6%

Press Brief 2.13.2024 - 2025 COLA Could be 1.75%

Press Brief 1.17.24 Inflation Rate Starts Year Higher than COLA, But Big Drop Ahead



Press Brief 10.13.23 - CPI-E VS. CPI-W / 2024 Medicare Part B Premium

Press Briefing 10.12.23 - 2024 COLA Announcement 3.2%

Press Briefing 9.13.23 - COLA Estimate for 2024 3.2%

Press Briefing 8.10.23 - COLA Estimate for 2024 Still 3%

Press Briefing 7.13.23 - The Cost of Living Adjustment for 2024 Could Be 3%

Press Briefing 6.13.23 - The Cost of Living Adjustment for 2024 Could Be 2.7%

Press Briefing 5.10.23 -The Cost-of-Living Adjustment for 2024 Could Be 3.1%

Press Briefing 4.12.23 - Inflation Had Long Term Impacts on Older Households

Press Briefing 3.14.23 - Does The U.S. Tax Code Discriminate Against Seniors

Press Briefing 3.7.23 - The Medicare Tax That Never Made It To Medicare

Press Briefing - 2.14.23 Social Security COLA Will Still Fall Short This Year

Press Briefing 1.13.23 - Benefits Fall Short of Inflation Since the Start of the Pandemic



Press Briefing 12.13.22 - CPI - COLA

CPI - COLA Press Brief 10.13.2022 - 2023 COLA Announcement

CPI - COLA Press Brief 9.14.22

CPI - COLA Press Brief 9.13.22

CPI - COLA Press Brief 8.10.22

Press Releases

2022 Press Releases