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Grassroots lobbying is perhaps the most effective way to let YOUR Representative and Senators know your opinion. Whether you are calling into a local or Washington, D.C. office; sending a letter or e-mail; signing a petition, or making a personal visit, Members of Congress are the most receptive and open to suggestions from their constituents.

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Petition to Congress: Put an End to Dramatic Increases in Prescription Drug Costs

Petition to Congress: A Fair Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA) for Social Security Benefits

Petition to Congress: No Budget Deal that Sells Out America's Seniors

Petition to Congress Protesting Illegal Alien Amnesty and U.S. Social Security Totalization With Mexico

Petition to Congress in Support of Social Security Fairness

Petition to Congress in Support of a Social Security Guarantee

Petition to Congress in Support of Social Security Notch Reform

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Any Toll Free call to Congress on the number 1-844-455-0045 will be paid for by The Senior Citizens League.

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Your answers to these surveys will help TSCL educate Members of Congress, the media and the public about the views, experiences, and challenges facing seniors as they relate to Medicare and Social Security.

2020 Senior Survey

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