Board and Staff

Board Members:  The Board of Trustees of the Senior Citizens League (TSCL) frequently travel to Capitol Hill to meet with Members of Congress.  Accolades have been delivered on the House floor from former Member of Congress Walter Jones (NC) who said, "Five Retired Enlisted men work tirelessly as non-paid volunteers to help the plight of our most elderly and low income seniors.  And, from Former Representative Gil Gutknecht (MN) addressed the House of Representatives saying, "What a wonderful board it is. These are people who volunteer. They do not get paid large retainers. All that they do is work on behalf of their members and on behalf of seniors everywhere. When they saw what was happening to the cost of prescription drugs, they stepped up, and they made a difference."  Other Members have also touted the work of the Board and the organization's work.

Every board member is a volunteer. They work as hard as they do because they believe in TSCL and its mission to fight for your earned benefits.

Richard Delaney - Chairman

John Adams - Vice Chairman

Doug Osborne - Legislative Liaison

Daisy Brown - Secretary

Kyle Carpenter - Treasurer

Justin Jump - TREA Liaison

Edward Cates - Immediate Past Chairman

Staff:  TSCL maintains a very small, highly efficient staff.  Each staff member works tirelessly to ensure the organizations goals and objectives are met.  They are passionate about preserving the benefits and rights of America's seniors and advocate vigorously for the organization's constituents.

Shannon G. Benton - Executive Director

Mary Johnson - Policy Analyst/Editor

Larry Madison - Legislative Consultant