TSCL's Board and Staff

Board Members: The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) Board of Trustees is comprised of six passionate volunteers, all retired enlisted personnel. The Board is committed to working on the behalf of seniors everywhere.   They steadfastly believe in TSCL and its mission to fight for seniors’ earned benefits.  The board is responsible for governing and leading TSCL.

Read their individuals credentials here:

Edward Cates - Chairman

John Adams - Vice Chairman

Daisy Brown - Legislative Liaison

Kyle Carpenter - Treasurer

O. Marie Smith - Secretary

Richard Delaney - Immediate Past Chairman

Deborah Oelschig - TREA National President/TREA-TSCL Liaison 

Staff:  TSCL maintains a very small, highly efficient staff.  Each staff member works tirelessly to ensure the organizations goals and objectives are met.  They are passionate about preserving the benefits and rights of America's seniors and advocate vigorously for the organization's constituents.

Shannon G. Benton - Executive Director

Mary Johnson - Policy Analyst/Editor

Larry Madison - Legislative Consultant