A Brief History of The Senior Citizens League

TREA Senior Citizens League (TSCL) consists of active senior citizens concerned about the protection of their Social Security, Medicare, and veteran or military retiree benefits.

Although not at first called TREA Senior Citizens League, TSCL was first established in 1992 as a special project of The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA), which was founded in 1963. In September 1994, TSCL was incorporated in Colorado as an independent citizens' action and education non-profit organization. It received recognition from the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt section 501(c)(4) organization in June 1995.

These senior citizens and retirees have participated in a number of grassroots lobbying and public education campaigns on behalf of TSCL. Issues currently being pursued include:

  • The prevention of arbitrary changes in the way Cost-of-Living Adjustments to earned benefits are calculated, and a campaign to have the senior citizen "market basket" analyzed on its own before any changes are made in the way the Consumer Price Index is calculated;
  • The passage of long-overdue Notch reform for those persons born in the Social Security Notch years of 1917-1926;
  • The development of an understanding on Capitol Hill and in the White House that those who are already retired from the civilian or military work force have been promised benefits by the government, have earned those benefits with their taxes and their service, and that taking those benefits away amounts to breaking a contract and reneging on the government's solemn duty to fulfill its obligations.

TSCL has grown into an “influential group”, according to one media outlet, as a leading advocate on retiree issues. The results of the continuing Loss of Buying Power survey have been widely reported as well as survey answers of issues most important to Social Security recipients.

TSCL is registered to conduct grassroots fundraising, public education and lobbying activities in nearly every state, and offers its supporters an unconditional refund of their most recent contribution if they are dissatisfied with TSCL's positions or performance. Unlike many other organizations, no government moneys are accepted or used by TSCL.