A Word of Caution: Covid-19 is Still With Us

A Word of Caution: Covid-19 is Still With Us

We are all tired of it – tired of even hearing about it - and we want our lives to go back to normal. But we should remember that Covid-19 is still with us, even though it may be in the form of a new variant.

The rise of Covid cases in some regions of the U.S., just as testing efforts wane, has raised the possibility that the next major wave of the virus may be difficult to detect. In fact, the country could be in the midst of a surge right now and we might not even know it.

Testing and viral sequencing are critical to responding quickly to new outbreaks of Covid. But as the country tries to move on from the pandemic, demand for lab-based testing has declined and federal funding priorities have shifted.

Seniors need to remember that they are the most vulnerable group in the country when it comes to Covid and that we should not let our guard down.

So as a reminder, a second booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine from both Moderna and Pfizer has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for adults 50 and over.

Those who have received a first booster shot at least four months ago can now get another.

Remember, booster doses are becoming an increasingly relied-upon tool in the fight against Covid, especially as states and companies cut back safeguards such as masking and working from home.