If Your Drug Plan Doesn’t Cover Your Drug - Try RxSavings Plus Card

By Georgette Pam, Administrative Director
Seniors who have no prescription drug coverage, should look into the RxSavings Plus Prescription Discount Card.  This is not a drug insurance plan.  It’s a drug discount card with average savings of 20% off the regular retail price of prescription drugs.

What happens if you sign up for a Medicare prescription drug plan?

According to folks at RxSavings Plus, you can use your discount card anytime you need to purchase a prescription that’s not covered by your Medicare prescription drug plan or any other insurance you may have.  It may not be used however, to purchase drugs that are covered under your Medicare Part D drug plan.  This includes the periods when you are satisfying your deductible or the "doughnut hole."

If you discover that your Medicare drug plan does not cover a drug you need, remember to try the RxSavings Plus Card.  It’s provided free.  For more information and to enroll for your discount card call (877) 673-3688 or visit online at www.rxsavingsplus.com and click on RxSavings Plus.

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