Benefit Bulletin: January 2020

Benefit Bulletin: January 2020

Your Survey Responses are Helping to Change Attitudes About Social Security

By Rick Delaney, Chairman of the Board

Over the past 25 years, Congress has periodically debated plans to fix Social Security’s financing, that rely heavily on benefit cuts.  But for the first time in 2019 and 2020, Congress is considering a plan to strengthen Social Security and its benefits while making the program solvent by beefing up the payroll tax revenues flowing into the program.

Proponents of cutting benefits argue that Social Security, as it is currently structured, is unstainable because there are fewer workers to support current retirees.  Social Security is estimated to run short of funds in about 15 years.  Without changes and soon, Social Security benefits would have to be reduced by about 22% to match the amount of revenues that the program receives.

But TSCL’s polls, surveys, and stories on the COLA in the media have played a key role in helping to change that debate from one in which benefit cuts are inevitable, to one which explains why benefits should be made more adequate and payroll taxes should be increased.  We could not have accomplished this without the hundreds of you who take time to send in your comments and stories, and who take our annual Senior Surveys.

Our surveys are the key means to educate the public on issues, and for Members of Congress, to gauge how people think.  Survey results can turn up the heat during an election year.  This month, TSCL launches our annual 2020 Senior Survey, and we urge you to participate.  This is our most important survey of the year, and your responses count.

TSCL is non-partisan and we are listening!  This is exactly the time when your voice counts the most.  Please take time now to participate in TSCL’s 2020 Senior Survey.