Beware of Coronavirus Vaccination Scams

Beware of Coronavirus Vaccination Scams

We have warned you before to be careful about scams when it comes to getting your coronavirus vaccination.  Getting cheated out of money during a time of crisis like this is the last thing we want to happen to anyone.  And even though the reports of scams have not been widespread, there have been some in various parts of the country.

With that in mind we remind you that the Federal Trade Commission has warned that anybody offering a chance to jump ahead on the statewide priority list for a vaccination in exchange for money is a scammer.

Here are a few important tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of phone scams or identity theft:

  • Make a list of contact information for family members, close friends, health providers or anyone who calls regularly so you know the call is legitimate.
  • Let a call go to voicemail if you do not recognize a phone number, as scammers rarely leave messages.
  • Hang up if a stranger asks for personal or financial information.
  • Government agencies will identify themselves.
  • Do not share personal information such as your Social Security number to anyone over the phone.