Congress Finally Acts - Government Will Not Shut Down

Congress Finally Acts – Government Will Not Shut Down

After a delay of over six months, Congress was finally able last week to pass the legislation needed to fund the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2022.

That means Social Security payments, veterans’ disability payments, and other resources for seniors provided by the federal government will continue uninterrupted.

The way it’s supposed to work is for Congress to fund the government for the new fiscal year starting on October 1 of each year. But for the past several years, no matter which party-controlled Congress, it has been unable to do that.

Instead, they have passed short-term funding bills that keep the government open while they continue with their work.

Last week, at the last minute, they were able to come to agreement and send the new funding bill to the President for his signature. However, they needed to pass another short-term funding bill to keep the government open until March 15 while the over 2,700-page bill is proof-read and printed prior to the President’s signing of it.

Better late than never.