Congress Finally Gets its Job Done

Congress Finally Gets its Job Done

The flurry of activity in Congress has shared the top of the news this week with the continuing Covid-19 crisis and the beginning of the vaccine distribution program.  We try not to repeat news here that is available to everyone who gets their news from TV, radio, newspapers or online, but there are two things that occurred in all the activity that are especially important to seniors.

As we foresaw last week, Congress was not able to finish its work by the end of the day last Friday and had to pass two continuing resolutions (CR) in order to give themselves more time.  The current CR runs through next Monday, the 28th.

The extra time was needed because although both houses of Congress were finally able to pass the needed legislation, the bill was nearly 5,600 pages in length.  It is probable that no member of Congress actually read the entire bill and likely very few Congressional staff members read it either.

After a bill passes Congress there is a certain process that must be followed when it is transmitted to the President for his signature.  That is why the extra time is needed at this point.

Unless something totally extraordinary happens, the President is expected to sign the bill prior to midnight on the 28th and at long last the federal government will be fully funded through the remainder of fiscal year 2021 and much needed economic stimulus and rescue money will be sent to taxpayers and businesses alike.