Date for Vote on Health Care Legislation Still Uncertain

Date for Vote on Health Care Legislation Still Uncertain

As we have been reporting, the changes in Medicare will be part of an overall infrastructure bill that President Biden has proposed and that both the House and the Senate have been working on for weeks.

The uncertainty and difficulty of getting it passed is because of the close divisions within both bodies of Congress.  The fighting is among the Democratic majorities because the Republicans have made it clear they will not be supporting anything.  And, as we’ve already said, the big drug companies have poured millions into trying to stop any legislation that would affect their profits.

As a result, Democrats have imposed their own deadlines regarding getting the legislation passed and so far, they’ve not been able to meet those deadlines.  The hope in the House is that they might be able to have a final vote on the bill by the end of this week, but that remains to be seen.

Once the House is able to pass a bill, it will go to the Senate where there continue to be struggles within the Democratic majority.

So, while we will not get all that we want, it appears progress will be made in improving some aspects of Medicare in providing health care for seniors.  You can be assured that TSCL will never stop in its fight for seniors to get the kind of health care they need and deserve.