Drug Pricing Bills Pass Senate - Now House Must Pass

 Drug Pricing Bills Pass Senate – Now House Must Pass

The Senate has passed two measures that, while rather technical in nature, deal the prices of prescription drugs.

One of the bills (S.415) would help lower drug costs by boosting competition and closing loopholes that prevent generics from coming to market. The other bill (S. 164) would direct the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a central website for educational materials on drugs known as “biosimilars.”

However, passage of two measures will have to wait as House leaders struggle over Congress’ schedule.

According to Bloomberg.gov, “The House was expected to take up the two measures along with more than a dozen others under suspension of their rules, used largely to wave through minor or non-controversial legislation, earlier last week, but Republican lawmakers signaled they planned to object ….”

The House has not scheduled any legislation for passage this week, and is scheduled for a recess the following two weeks.