Farewell to Past Chairman George A. Smith

Farewell to Past Chairman George A. Smith

Mr. George A. Smith (1930-2022) served as Chairman of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) Board of Trustees in 1997 and again from 2001 - 2005 and as an advisor from 2005-2007.

Mr. Smith was held in high esteem by the employees he oversaw and the Board of Trustees that he led. He garnered the utmost respect from the hundreds of Members of Congress and their staff that he routinely met with during his tenure at TSCL.

Under his direction and leadership, the organization went from a one-issue legislative agenda to an organization focused on hundreds of issues that are of concern to senior citizens. He spearheaded the organizations development from just advocacy to being a public education powerhouse of information on legislation, the inadequacy of the Cost-of-Living Adjustment, the excessive cost of prescription drugs and so many more issues. Because of him TSCL gained nationwide recognition as the reputable senior citizens social advocacy organization that it is today.

TSCL’s Board of Trustees are all volunteers and receive no pay for the demanding work they put in, and none more so than Mr. George Smith. He will be missed.