Government Will Stay Open – for Now

Government Will Stay Open – for Now

As we reported last week, Congress needed to act by last Friday in order to stop the government from shutting down. Thankfully, they managed to do that.

After they passed another CR – a continuing resolution - they now have until March 11 to either pass legislation to fully fund the government through the rest of the 2022 fiscal year or face the possibility of shutdown once again.

As we explained last week, this is important for seniors because a   shutdown could affect Social Security payments, veterans’ payments, as well as create issues for Medicare, among many other things.

Key members of the Senate have been working to finalize the needed funding legislation and it is expected they will be able to finally pass it prior to the March 11 deadline. This, of course, is legislation they were supposed to have passed by the end of September of last year.

It seems that no matter which party is in control of Congress, they are not able to pass funding legislation on time.