Health Care System Weaknesses Magnified During Pandemic

Health Care System Weaknesses Magnified During Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, health care in the United States, or at least certain parts of it, has received more attention than ever before.  As a society we have paid a terrible price for the lack of preparation regarding public health.

Among other things, we have learned how inter-connected the parts of our health care system are and how complicated and difficult our system is.

We have seen that one part of the population can bear a horrible burden because another part of the population disregards safety measures that should be undertaken to protect one another.

And we have also seen the weaknesses in our system and how vulnerable we are because so much of what we need for our health care is manufactured in other countries and therefore, how little control we have over the things we need, from prescription drugs to protective equipment needed by health care professionals.

All of these, and more, have reminded us that there are serious problems with health care in our country and changes and improvements must be made.

That is what TSCL has been fighting to do for so long and what we are continuing to do.