Medicare Reform

For years, several leading lawmakers have been attempting to reduce the federal deficit by reforming the Medicare program. Popular proposals would phase out the traditional Medicare program and replace it with a “premium support” model, where older Americans would be given subsidies from the federal government to purchase private insurance.

These proposals have also outlined plans to increase the age of Medicare eligibility from sixty-five to sixty-seven, requiring younger seniors to purchase costly private insurance or to rely on employer-sponsored health insurance coverage for a longer period of time.

TSCL has serious concerns about Medicare reform plans that would adopt a “premium support” model or increase the eligibility age since these changes would result in higher out-of-pocket health care costs for older Americans.

TSCL supports legislation that would protect the Medicare benefits older Americans have earned and deserve, and we will continue to promote policy solutions that would strengthen and modernize the Medicare program responsibly, without enacting benefit cuts or increasing costs for seniors.

White Paper on this Issue

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