Prescription Drug Policies

Improving and maintaining access to affordable, lifesaving prescription drugs is a top concern for TSCL’s supporters, most of whom live on fixed incomes and cannot afford steep and sudden cost increases.

In a recent survey of TSCL’s supporters, as many as one-third of respondents said they postponed filling their prescriptions or took less than prescribed due to high costs. They question why Congress hasn’t taken action to improve the system and to protect the American public from rising drug costs.

TSCL urges Congress to take common-sense steps like the following five to reduce prescription drug prices: allowing the federal government to negotiate lower Part D prices, capping out-of-pocket expenses for Part D beneficiaries, permitting prescription drug re-importation, prohibiting anti-competitive pay-for-delay deals, and increasing price transparency.

TSCL supports several bills that would lead to lower prices for Medicare Part D beneficiaries, and we will continue to seek out innovative solutions that would increase access to lifesaving prescription drugs. The goal remains to ensure safe and affordable medicines for older Americans.