It’s A Medicare Scam!

It’s A Medicare Scam!

Here's a list of common scams from the website:

Be suspicious of doctors, healthcare providers, or suppliers who:

  • Ask for your Medicare number in exchange for free equipment or services or for "record keeping purposes."
  • Tell you that tests become cheaper as more of them are provided.
  • Advertise "free" consultations to people with Medicare.
  • Call or visit you and say they represent Medicare or the federal government.
  • Use telephone or door-to-door selling techniques.
  • Use pressure or scare tactics to sell you expensive medical services or diagnostic tests.
  • Bill Medicare for services you never received or a diagnosis you do not have.
  • Offer non-medical transportation or housekeeping as Medicare-approved services.
  • Bill home health services for patients who are not confined to their home, or for patients who still drive a car.
  • Bill Medicare for medical equipment for people in nursing homes.
  • Bill Medicare for tests you received as a hospital inpatient or within 72 hours of admission or discharge.
  • Bill Medicare for a power wheelchair or scooter when you don’t meet Medicare’s qualifications.


Report Medicare Fraud Now

Office of Inspector General — 
Call: 800-447-8477
/TTY: 800-377-4950

Online: Report Fraud

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
 — Call: 800-633-4227 / TTY 877-486-2048