Legislative Update For Week Ending May 25, 2012

Legislative Update For Week Ending May 25, 2012

This week, action on Capitol Hill slowed down as the House of Representatives adjourned for a holiday recess, and the Senate focused on legislation to reauthorize programs within the FDA. Meanwhile, TSCL expressed support for a new House resolution, introduced by Rep. Scott Rigell (VA-2).

House Adjourns for Recess

Members of the House spent the week in their home districts, and are expected to return to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, May 30. Members of the Senate will recess next week for the Memorial Day holiday and will return on Monday, June 4.

TSCL would like to remind you to contact your Members of Congress to request their support for fair Social Security cost-of-living adjustments and other key issues. To find contact information for your Members of Congress, to learn more about key issues affecting seniors, or to sign a petition, please visit the ACTION CENTER of our website.

TSCL Announces Support for House Resolution

This week, TSCL was pleased to lend its support to Rep. Scott Rigell’s (VA-2) H.Res. 666. The resolution expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that any changes made to Medicare should not affect those over the age of fifty-five. It also states that any Medicare reform package should provide a detailed plan to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse within the program.

TSCL understands that some changes to Medicare may be necessary to secure the long-term future of the program. However, we strongly believe that any changes should be phased in gradually and should not affect those nearing retirement. In addition, TSCL believes that the government must increase its efforts to combat Medicare fraud – a growing issue that costs between $60 billion and $90 billion each year.

The resolution introduced by Rep. Rigell expresses a commitment to two critical issues facing seniors, and TSCL was pleased to lend its support to it this week.