Legislative Update for Week Ending December 19, 2014

Legislative Update for Week Ending December 19, 2014

After passing the so-called “cromnibus” late last week, Members of Congress returned to their home states and districts for the remainder of the year. They will return to Capitol Hill in January to begin the 114th Congress.

Lawmakers Adjourn for Remainder of Year

Members of the House passed the $1.1 trillion government-wide spending bill last Thursday, and after much debate, lawmakers in the Senate adopted it late on Saturday evening. Those in the House left Washington shortly after they approved the “cromnibus,” while those in the Senate stayed in town for a few days to consider dozens of executive nominations and to pass a package of tax extenders.

With both chambers of Congress adjourned, the 113th Congress has officially come to a close. Lawmakers are expected to return to Capitol Hill on Monday, January 5th, to begin the first session of the 114th Congress. TSCL looks forward to working with both new and veteran lawmakers in the New Year, and we will continue to advocate tirelessly on behalf of our members and supporters in 2015.