Limited Drug Importation from Canada Approved

Limited Drug Importation from Canada Approved

Both the Trump and Biden Administrations have supported importing drugs from Canada, which are generally much less expensive than the same drugs in the U.S.

While it never happened under Trump, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now given approval for pharmacists and drug wholesalers to import prescription medicines from Canada for up to two years as part of state programs aimed at bringing down drug costs.

In April, the FDA began discussions with five states - Florida, Colorado, Vermont, Maine, and New Mexico – to begin the test program.

According to a report by Axios, a Washington, D.C. news service, “The guidance lays out requirements for importing drugs from wholesalers licensed by Canadian regulators and for testing and labeling the drugs. It excludes some controlled substances, biological products, and infused drugs.”

However, there is skepticism by some that the program will work. Canada has said from the time this idea was first discussed that its market is too small to make a dent on U.S. drug prices, and many drug suppliers there have said they won't participate.