More Veterans Could Get Covid-19 Vaccinations

More Veterans Could Get Covid-19 Vaccinations

There is a misconception that all veterans can get health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  But that is not true.  To get health care there a veteran must have a VA-rated disability.

TSCL has many veterans among its supporters and no-doubt not all of them have a disability rating so they may be happy to know that Congress is considering including them in the VA’s Covid-19 vaccination efforts.

Last week House Appropriations Military Construction-VA Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) pushed a Department of Veterans Affairs official at a hearing to work on a plan to offer coronavirus vaccines to veterans even if they are not eligible for VA health care.

VA officials are talking to other agencies about expanding the availability of vaccines at VA facilities, Richard Stone, acting under secretary for health at the Veterans Health Administration, said. Limited supply has forced the department to prioritize veterans who are currently enrolled to receive vaccines, though in some cases they have managed to immediately enroll eligible veterans on the spot, Stone said.

TSCL supports allowing any veteran to get the Covid vaccine at the VA and we will keep an eye on the progress of this effort.