New Legislation to Limit Insulin Costs

New Legislation to Limit Insulin Costs

In addition to general prescription drug legislation, the Democrats have indicated they will be working on a new bill to limit insulin costs to $35 per month.

Americans who need insulin pay 10 times more than people in other developed countries and capping the cost of insulin has broad public support and even bi-partisan support in Congress.

However, passing the legislation is no sure thing. Democrats are divided about bringing the issue up as a separate bill or trying to revive the major legislation called Build Back Better that is in real trouble at this point. Capping insulin costs is part of that bill but a stand-alone bill on insulin costs appears to be much more realistic at this point.

There is also the question of whether any Republicans in the Senate would support it. Some Republican Senators have spoken about the need to cap insulin costs and even have written a bill of their own but politics being what they are now in Washington, there is a real question of whether Republicans would help Democrats pass a bill in an election year.