New Year, New Congress

New Year, New Congress

As we begin a new year, we hope you had the best holiday season possible under the conditions we all continue to face because of the coronavirus pandemic.  We know the past ten months have been extremely hard for many Americans, especially for senior citizens and their families.

In a normal year the two-week period around Christmas and New Years Day is a slow news period.  But, as with so much else, that was not true this year.

The news was dominated by the pandemic and the beginning of the vaccination roll-out, the drama over President Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act as well as his threatened veto of the government funding/economic stimulus bill, and his continued attempts to try and overturn the election results.

Welcome to the 117th Congress!  Congress is now back in session but Members will not begin considering new legislation for a few days.  They are in the process of organizing for a new session and, of course, they will be involved in the electoral college process of electing a new President starting, but perhaps not concluding, on Wednesday.

However, there is news of importance to seniors that hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention.