On to the Senate

On to the Senate

The legislation dealing with prescription drug prices now moves to the Senate for action. Everyone expects there will be changes to it. The real questions are how many changes will be made, what kinds of changes will the Senate make, and will they be able to pass it at all.

If the Senate is able to pass it, it must go to a conference committee where the differences between the House and Senate bills must be worked out and if they can reach agreement on one bill, it must go back to each body for a final vote. If all of that can be accomplished, then it will go to the President for his signature.

As we have reported before, all Republicans have said they will vote against the bill, regardless of what’s in it. So, the Democrats have to get all 50 of their Senators to agree to the bill. That’s why Senators Manchin and Sinema has been in the news so much and why what they will support is so important.

However, there are other Democratic Senators who don’t like some of the provisions regarding lowering prescription drug prices in the House bill so there will be a struggle to get them on board as well.