Once You are Vaccinated Can Life go back to Normal?

Once You are Vaccinated Can Life go back to Normal?

The short answer is no – not yet.

Even with the vaccine there is still a 1 in 20 chance of getting the virus.  The vaccine will prevent the symptoms of the virus from occurring.  In other words, it will prevent you from becoming sick, or at least horribly sick.  But you could still carry the virus and pass it on to others who are not yet vaccinated.

In addition, it takes time for the vaccine to take effect after you’ve received it. So, for a time you could still get very ill.

It will be important to continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing, wash our hands frequently, and continue the other precautions we’ve been taking in order to protect those for whom the vaccine might not work.  As time goes on and more people are vaccinated and more who’ve gotten the virus get better, the rates of infection will start to drop.  It’s at that point we can begin to go back to normal.

Also, we should be wearing masks outdoors as well as indoors at this time.  While being indoors with others is far riskier, being outdoors is not risk free if you are with others you don’t live with.