Retiree Expenses Up More Than $119 Month, COLA Up Less Than $45 Month

Retiree Expenses Up More Than $119 Month, COLA Up Less Than $45 Month

How well does the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) protect the buying power of Social Security benefits?  Not very, according to early online results of TSCL’s 2018 Senior Survey.

Retiree household spending rose by more than $119 per month in 2017 for a majority, 39 percent, of all online participants.  Yet despite receiving a 2% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in January — the highest in 5 years — 94 percent of survey participants said their COLA raised monthly benefits by less than $45.

The survey question asked:

“Which of the following most closely represents the amount that your total monthly expenses increased or decreased during 2017?”

Expenses stayed the same or went down: 6%

$.01 - $39.00: 11%

$39.01 - $79.00: 24%

$79.01 - $119.00: 20%

More than $119.00: 39%

This trend has been consistent over the past five years.  Since 2014, the majority has said that their household budgets grew by more than $119 per month over the prior 12-month period.  In every year, however, the majority of survey participants also said that their actual COLA increase was far below this level of increased costs.

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Source:  The Senior Citizens League 2018 Senior Survey.