Senate Passes Bill to Avoid Default

Senate Passes Bill to Avoid Default

Despite a monumental work load before the end of the year, the Senate is not in session this week.  Last week they managed to come up with enough votes to prevent a default on the national debt but they only pushed it off until sometime in December – only about 8 weeks from now.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R- Ky.) managed to round up enough Republican votes to help Democrats pass the bill but he then sent a blistering letter to President Biden informing him that he would not do it again when December comes.

McConnell had previously threatened that Republicans would not support legislation to avoid default on the debt but apparently changed his mind when Democrats threatened to change the filibuster rules.

However, it was reported that he got so much grief from other Republican Senators for agreeing to push back the default date by two months that he decided he would not get any Republican Senators to support raising the debt ceiling in December.

The bill now awaits action in the House where it is expected to pass with very few, if any, Republican votes.