Seniors Struggle with Health Care

Seniors Struggle with Health Care

Bloomberg Business News has reported that “Older Americans are sacrificing basic necessities to afford costly health services, according to a (Gallup) survey that shows how many elderly people cut personal expenses to take care of medical needs.

“Out-of-pocket health costs for elders in the US rose 41% from 2009 to 2019…”, and “About 9% of Americans 65 and older spent less on food, 6% cut spending on utilities and 19% trimmed clothing expenditures to help cover health costs…”

Unfortunately, that information is not news to many TSCL supporters who have contacted us and let us know of their desperate situations.

As we also know, many seniors have avoided getting medical treatment for health issues they have and many don’t pick up the prescription medicines they are supposed to take, both because of the cost.

In addition, according to that same survey, nearly half of Americans ages 50 through 64 who aren’t eligible for Medicare also share the same concerns as those who are on Medicare.

That is why TSCL has launched a nation-wide petition effort and has been lobbying Congress for months to provide a $1,400 emergency stimulus check in order to help seniors survive during this unprecedented time of inflation.