Talks on Important Drugs Have Begun

Talks on Important Drugs Have Begun

Discussions have started over the possibility of importing drugs from Canada as a way of lowering drug costs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDC) has begun talking with five states about how such a program could be implemented.

The five states involved in the discussions are Florida, Colorado, Vermont, Maine, and New Mexico. Each of those has submitted reimportation plans or are thinking about doing so.

However, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (Pharma), the lobbying arm of the big drug companies, sued to block a 2020 federal rule that would facilitate importation, citing patient safety and other concerns.

In addition, Canada has said it has no plans to participate and has told drugmakers not to take steps that could lead to drug shortages there.

The possibility of it happening looks distant right now which is why TSCL is continuing to push Congress to pass legislation that will lower drug costs.