US/Mexico Social Security Treaty Must Be Opposed

US/Mexico Social Security Treaty Must Be Opposed

From the Office of Congressman Steve King

Dear Friend,

As you know from the enclosed letter, a U.S./Mexico Social Security Treaty will place a massive and unnecessary burden on our already troubled Social Security system.  And you have probably read how passage of the Treaty takes place automatically UNLESS Congress acts to stop it.

There are other reasons why EVERY taxpayer, Social Security recipient and concerned American should OPPOSE the proposed totalization agreement with Mexico:

  • It will cost the Social Security Trust Funds hundreds of millions of dollars in payments to Mexican citizens - including illegal workers and their dependents.
  • The Treaty will encourage massive Social Security fraud among the approximately 10 million or so illegal workers and their dependents, thereby costing the Trust Funds (and the taxpayer) millions and probably billions of dollars more.
  • It will pay Social Security retirement benefits to Mexican citizens based on work they performed while in the U.S. illegally - thus rewarding illegal behavior.

As millions of "baby boomers" retire, the last thing we need to do is add millions of additional recipients.

I believe it is a terrible Treaty, and comes at the worst possible time for our Social Security system, which is already in financial trouble.

Which is why I introduced a special Resolution into the House of Representatives to DISAPPROVE the Treaty and thereby help block it from going into effect.  The Senior Citizens League is a leader in the campaign to make sure the Treaty does not pass.  Please take a minute to help them make sure Congress acts BEFORE it is too late and the Treaty goes into effect.


Steve King
Member of Congress