Four ways The Senior Citizens League can help you:


We defend your interests in the halls of Congress. When the politicians try to cut your hard-earned benefits, we are there to stop them!


We provide you with important news about the benefits and programs you are entitled to. Updates and developments about Social Security, Medicare, Veterans’ benefits, prescription drugs and other programs for seniors and retirees.


We show you how to save money. Our newsletter, the Social Security and Medicare Advisor, includes cost-saving tips for seniors and timely advice about government programs and how you can maximize the benefits you receive.


Weekly Updates on the issues that affect you the most. We stay on top of the latest developments in government, health care, and business and share them with you.

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Monthly Update

March 2023

The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) Monthly Washington Update for the end of March 2023 March turned out to be a very busy month for issues Seniors are concerned about.  We have reports about Social ...

February 2023

Congress Off to a Slow Start Congress is off to a slower start this year, even as critical issues that soon must be dealt with remain unsettled. This seems to be especially true in the House of Rep ...

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There are a variety of ways you can be an active participant for change and influence on Capitol Hill. Click on the option that you are most interested in to get started. You can Sign a Petition, Signup to Stay Informed,

or Write a Letter to Your Representative. A new 2023 Senior Survey has just been released. Your input helps to establish our legislative agenda and priorities for 2023. Take the survey today.


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