Best Ways To Save: October 2019

Best Ways To Save: October 2019

How You Can Get Help With Heating Costs

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal program that can help eligible households with their heating and cooling costs.  The program varies by state and, depending on where you live, can help with such things as:

  • Paying heating or cooling bills,
  • Providing help in emergencies, such as utility shutoffs, and
  • Assistance in paying for low cost home weatherization to make your home more energy efficient.

The program is not meant to pay for all your energy costs, and in many places only provides assistance for your main heating source.  For example, if you heat with oil, your local program may approve delivery of only a specific amount of heating oil and that may only fill a portion of your fuel tank.  The amount of help you get depends on where you live, your income, your energy costs and needs, and your family size, in addition to other factors such as your age.  In addition, in many areas of the country, the program runs out of funding quickly and operates on a first come, first serve basis.

Each state operates their own LIHEAP program and has different rules about when to apply, how to apply, and the criteria to be met in order to get help.  Although income requirements vary by location household incomes must be less than:


Household Size          Maximum Income Level (Per Year)

1                                  $18,735

2                                  $25,365

To apply; contact your local LIHEAP office.  The programs often operate through local Social Services departments.  Learn more and find contact information for your area here:

LIHEAP Frequently Asked Questions:

More than 55% of participants in TSCL’s 2019 Senior Survey support federal programs that help with energy assistance.